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At KIROLBET we are passionate about sport. We share this passion with you, our users, to whom we offer a way to participate in and live sport more intensely, through one of the oldest traditions in history: betting.

Excitement, entertainment and fun are just some of the feelings tied to the sports bets we offer, with the best competitions, sports categories and types of bet for all tastes.

Would you like to enjoy your team's victory more intensely? Are you looking to experience great emotion whilst watching a live game?

You will find all this, and much more, at KIROLBET as well as our Network of Branches and our internet betting website, larioja.kirolbet.es.

Apuestas de La Rioja SL, "Polígono Cantabria, Avenida de mendavia 37, nave 5, Logroño
Tax ID: B-26522243

Recorded in the Commercial Register of La Rioja, number 1392 in volume 785, sheet 198, page LO-16288
License No. LR-X-296 granted by the Gobierno de La Rioja (Government of La Rioja)