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larioja.kirolbet.es holds the corresponding licence granted by the Government of La Rioja



  • How do I register at larioja.kirolbet.es?
    To register at larioja.kirolbet.es you have to access Registration from the top right-hand part of the website and fill in all the required fields. Next, accept the terms and conditions to finalise registration.
    You have to provide us with all your details exactly as presented on your identification document.
    For security reasons we will check if your name and address are correct in a database.
    Make sure that we are notified of changes to your details so that they are always up-to-date.

  • Registration rules
    The following may not place KIROLBETbets:
    Those under age.
    Those legally unable.
    Other people referred to in article 23.1 of Law 4/1991 dated 8th November, Gambling Regulation.
    Judges of sporting activities, competitions or of another nature that exercise their functions in the betting activity, those who determine appeals to these decisions, as well as members of the regulating Gaming Committee in the present Regulation.
    Civil servants whose responsibility is the control and inspection of betting.

  • I cannot access my account
    If you are registered and you cannot access your account, check that the details you have entered are correct.
    If you still cannot access your account, contact our Customer Service.

  • I do not remember my password
    You have the option to recover your password by going to "Have you forgotten your password?" below the Registration section, in the top right-hand part of the website, providing us with your email address so that you can recover it.
    If you need our help you can contact our Customer Service.

  • Where can I change my profile details?
    You can modify your details from your account once you have completed registration, except the following details: name, surname(s), identification document number, date of birth and country.
    If you want to change these details contact Customer Service.


  • Can I have more than one larioja.kirolbet.es account?
    Each gambler can only register once.

  • Can I temporarily cancel my account?
    Yes. All gamblers with an active account can exclude themselves from the betting offer for a period of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year, in the "Self-exclusion" section, in "My Account", or indefinitely, by using "Cancel Account" in the "My Account" section.
    Before definitive self-exclusion, you must make sure that you have no remaining balance or pending bets. Otherwise, self-exclusion will not come into effect until your account is at zero.
    You can make the request for balance withdrawal from your gambling account.
    Once temporary self-exclusion is requested you will not be able to access your account.
    Once the temporary self-exclusion period has finished, you will be able to access all sections of our page.

  • How can I close my account?
    To close your account,you must not have remaining balance nor pending bets. You can process the definitive closure of your account from the "Cancel Account" section in "My Account".


  • How can I make a deposit?
    If you wish to make a deposit to your larioja.kirolbet.es account, you have different methods available.
    In your users account, in the "Deposits" section, you will be able to make your deposit using any of these methods:
    A.- Credit/debit card:
    The cards accepted by larioja.kirolbet.es are: Visa; Visa Electron, Mastercard and Maestro.
    B.- Bank Transfer:
    If you prefer, or in case you do not have your bank card available, you can make a deposit by bank transfer.
    It is important that you put your ID number in the REFERENCE section so that we can clearly identify the transfer issuer. A deposit by transfer is generally reflected in our bank within a maximum period of 72 hours and once we have received it, it will be credited to your account.
    C.- Transfer from KIROLBET Card:
    Make a balance transfer from the KIROLBET card that you use at our betting points to your web account. If you are a KIROLBET card user you will be able to make a transfer by entering your card number, PIN and the balance to transfer.
    D.- Betting points KIROLBET:
    You can make deposits at any KIROLBET betting point using the terminals, in cash (€40 max.) or loading winnings to your web account.

  • What is the minimum deposit amount?
    The minimum deposit is €1 for deposits via KIROLBET Card Transfer and from any KIROLBET betting points, and €10 via credit card and transfer.

  • What is the maximum deposit amount?
    The maximum deposit is €1,000 for any of our deposit methods, apart from cash deposits in terminals, which is €40.

  • Can I start to gamble once the deposit is complete?
    Yes. Gambling can begin immediately after ordering the operation if the deposit is made via credit/debit card, through a KIROLBET card transfer or from any of our betting points.
    If you do it through a bank transfer, you can begin to gamble within a maximum period of 72 hours (workdays), once it is verified that the money has arrived in our larioja.kirolbet.es account.


  • How can I withdraw money from my account?
    You can order the withdrawal of a partial or total balance from your gambling account, through bank transfer or any KIROLBET betting point.
    Your funds withdrawal must be ordered as a bank transfer to be able to withdraw through bank transfer..
    To be able to withdraw through the KIROLBET establishment network, the first time you wish to do this you must go to one of our outlets, where they will provide you with a card to use.
    From this first withdrawal on, you can withdraw balance from cash points and terminals that you will find at our KIROLBET betting points.
    Remember that KIROLBET reserves the right to request copies of the documents deemed necessary to guarantee the security of your transactions and so that your withdrawal is processed successfully.

  • What documents do I need to withdraw money?
    If you are going to make your first withdrawal, KIROLBET will request the delivery of the user's identification documents, which will vary depending on the means of deposit and withdrawal chosen.
    You must go to one of our betting outlets the first time if you are withdrawing money from one of our KIROLBET betting points.

  • When do I receive the money after withdrawing?
    Withdrawals made through bank transfer allow you to have the money available in your bank account in the next few days, once the banks give the operation the go-ahead.

  • What is the minimum withdrawal amount?
    The minimum withdrawal amount for transfers is €30, whilst there is no minimum at betting points KIROLBET

  • What is the maximum withdrawal amount?
    The maximum withdrawal for transfers is €1,000, whilst at KIROLBET betting points it is €300 using paying cash points.


  • What is the minimum bet amount?
    The minimum bet amount is €1.

  • What is "Close bet"?
    The "Close bet" option gives you more control over your bets and allows you to receive a refund before the end of the event.

  • What is the maximum bet amount?
    The maximum amount on each bet is €100.

  • What is a bet?
    It is that gambling activity wherein a quantity of money is risked in favour of a prediction on the results of an event.

  • What is an event?
    It is a previously determined occurrence with an uncertain outcome which is unknown to the participating betting parties.

  • What is a suspended event?
    It is an event that, once started, has been interrupted before reaching its programmed finish. Suspended events can return valid results.

  • What is a cancelled event?
    It is that whose result does not count. Concerning bets, no cancelled event's results ever count.

  • What is a postponed event?
    It is an event which does not start at the programmed time.

  • What is a bet category?
    They are the betting options offered by the betting system on certain event results that are specified in the bet category.

  • What is a prediction?
    It is the prognostication that bettors make in betting categories upon formalising their bets. The correctness or incorrectness of bet predictions determines their results.

  • What is a basic bet?
    It is that in which the betting user accepts bets offered by the betting system, the winnings being the result of multiplying the amount bet by the bet coefficient or money line odds previously decided upon by the system.

  • What is pool betting?
    The sum of the quantities betted by different users (Initial Fund) on determined events is taken, then the commission for the bet operator is taken away. The rest (distributable fund) is spread amongst the winning bettors, in accordance with that stipulated in the pool betting category and regulations.

  • What is a single bet?
    It is that in which a bet is placed on a single prediction.

  • What is a multiple bet?
    It is that in which a bet is placed simultaneously on two or more predictions.